Russian Mechanics Show Us How To Make A Car Version Of The Fidget Spinner

In today’s news from the oddities of the auto industry, I present to you unusual yet entertaining video provided by YouTubers in Russia. With fidget spinners being the latest fad, some Russian mechanics took that craze to a new level by actually welding three cars together in the shape of those spinners. The goal it seems is to make them spin just like their small counterparts, and while credit is deserved for actually creating something similar, everything else that happens probably wasn’t the intended outcome.

So let’s stage the scene. Three run-down, front-wheel drive hatchbacks were cut in half. The front sections of all three cars were welded together in the now recognizable shape of these fidget spinners. Once that part of the project was done, three drivers got behind the wheel of the three cars and tried to simulate the furious spinning of these spinners. The only problem is the three cars distribute different levels of power, causing the whole creation to resemble something akin to an automotive version of “demolition derby meets tug-of-war.” Undaunted, two of the drivers decided to step out of their cars and let the one driver do the spinning. He managed to do a couple of spins, but nowhere near the furious spinning these fidget spinners are capable of. Ultimately, the ridiculous project wasn’t without its merits. Being able to create an auto version of a fidget spinner is fairly remarkable, and while it probably would’ve been better if it spun the way it was intended, you have to give points for effort.

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